Perks of being an Workaholic


I couldn’t barely recall those times when I think of play. A day where it is filled with extraordinary bonding time with friends. A night wherein I just have 10 minutes to prepare for a bar hopping, settled in a bottle of beer with the beat of loud music and people just dancing till dawn. A morning hangover. I managed my time with work and andventures. I munch in couple of restaurants in a day. I live within my reach. I stumble and fall. I crave and I eat. Sleeping on long hours.

That was me before I realized that life isn’t just about having fun. I have to make extra extra extra effort to do things for a living. I never imagine life would be just eat-sleep-work. A process where in adjustment should be made, thoughts should be put into place and prepare for an everyday encounter of risk, changes and diversities of events.

Work, duties, responsibilities are given to us adults to mold and make us ready to whatever challenges that might come our way. For that. Challenge accepted!

Crazy little Thoughts


I was sitting here just tired from an 8 hours shift thinking its been 2 months since my last update and it’s seems like for years.

Nothing much to say except of some changes in my environment and the unusual crazy feeling of home sickness. I haven’t cried since the day I left my home town. I haven’t even opened up to anyone how I feel on my first day in a strange place where in I decided to spend the 2 years of my life with people I merely know. Those people who will guide and teach me how to live and survive in a place where culture is distinct from mine.

I always think I could barely adjust and I think twice, Now I belong.

Heart Crashing


I’m about to cook for dinner but there is something inside me that I wanted to vent out, I can’t explain what I feel right now all I know it I feel awful.

I had a fight with Mikhale, my 9 years old son. We always had arguments of simple things that is mend with hugs and kisses but this time I feel like I wanted to shout my heart out and cry. This is worst than any other arguments we had. He is just 9 years old how come he speaks like 25? 25 because those words he say I learnt when I was 25. Imagine twice his age? I don’t want to blame it on social media, I blame it more on myself. Thinking if I am too lax.

I lock myself on my room trying to think, cool down and find the right words to explain to him the importance of respect to someone older than him, to people of authority and everyone he meets on his journey.

I end out closing my eyes and putting my hands together.
I pray to him that he would guide me to be a good mom to my child. That despite the hurt we both feel he would heal it and change it with pure love and respect. I ask for your forgiveness Lord if I act in ways that I shouldnt supposed to react and says words that hurts others.

Proverbs 22:6

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

To study or to Cram


My mind is having trouble lately, thinking I still have ample time to study before an exam. I can’t sit still and read a med-surg book neither answer some of my prepared test questions. huh.

The moment I have to write a note its like I’m having amnesia of what to jot down. A selective amnesia is not what I need right at this very moment. It makes me sick. What can I do? I’m not in the mood for some bonding with my nursing books.

I believe that studying takes time. It is scheduled based on your willingness to learn. It takes motivation sometimes inspiration, if you want to pass never cram. Value your time by alternating play with studying. Prioritize.

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Moments in my Life





Being in Public Health was such a roller coaster ride for me, literally. I am reminded of my first day of going into Indag-an BHS riding a tryk and me smiling and laughing on its unending humps, seated at the back seat. It is always been so much fun all along, knowing how I treasure little bit of everything in it. With this, it changes my perspective of Community Health. I hardly noticed that along the way I am having fun while learing and earning… 😁

I owe it all to the people who teaches me to lossen up when under pressure, to take a deep breath and paint a smile on your face when dealing with uncertainties and most especially to see how blessed I am because in the community you will see people who are having their mishaps.

To My MHO family, thank you for guiding me and for believing that I could do better and for always including me in your program (to enhance my emcee skills) kidding!

To my NDP growing into HRH family (insert our supervisor), I thank all of you for teaching me to become a much better person, for the growth you instilled within me especially for the family I found within you. For all the trust in the reports guys, thank you so much. As I find my niche in this world the memories we spent together will always be remembered. I will be missing our food trips especially the fiestas, long hours of walk to reach GIDA, report cramming and our simple talks. Stay passionate on your work and keep growing peepz, continue to love and respect one another. So much love for all of you!

Renz and Ivie, you guys take care of your health. Think healthy and you will live healthy.💕

The only constant thing in life is change. Yesterday was a better day and try to make today a best day. Cheers for all the better and best days I had with you guys! 🍻 No goodbyes, just see you soon.
keep posted!

This is Rhema J. Jardeleza
NDP turned HRH, Miagao
Signing off…