Matthew’s Burger



I’m going ga-ga over burger that day and I decided to indulge in Matthew’s Burger since I’ve heard a lot from the café through workmates. Went there with my boyfriend to see the place and experience fine dining.

As we enter, the place was cozy, the over-all color and lightning was very much pleasing to the eye. Since, I was hungry from a long walk over the mall we headed directly to the cashier. I decided to order the Mexican Burger because it’s something new to me.


It’s Mexican Burger has salsa that is flavorful that goes with the medium-sized patty. Completing the stack are slice of cheddar cheese, slices of cucumber, crispy lettuce, mayo, whole kernel corn a very strong flavored sauce with diced veggies and a wheat loaf bread. There are varieties of different flavored burgers inspired by different cuisine from different countries.


Mexican Burger

 I also ordered the Italian Pasta with Ratatouille, since it looks good in the picture that hangs in the wall. When it arrived, I was satisfied because it came with a big burger patty and it was delicious

Italian Pasta with Ratatouille

Italian Pasta with Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a traditional french stewed vegetable dish, containing eggplant, zucchini simmered with tomatoes, caramelized onions and garlic.

Our Burger Experience:



C360_2014-01-16-16-13-58-381 C360_2014-01-16-16-16-53-887_20140117080001339


Mexican Burger


Red Ice Tea

C360_2014-01-16-16-17-07-486        C360_2014-01-16-16-13-22-686

C360_2014-01-16-16-29-44-186 C360_2014-01-16-16-29-59-674

The over-all experience was superb! But the next time I’ll drop by the Restaurant I’ll try the other burgers, pastas and side dishes also the smoothies.

Matthew’s Burger is located at Cisco Building Brgy. Mabolo, Delgado Street, Iloilo City




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