Monthly Archives: October 2016

Perks of being an Workaholic


I couldn’t barely recall those times when I think of play. A day where it is filled with extraordinary bonding time with friends. A night wherein I just have 10 minutes to prepare for a bar hopping, settled in a bottle of beer with the beat of loud music and people just dancing till dawn. A morning hangover. I managed my time with work and andventures. I munch in couple of restaurants in a day. I live within my reach. I stumble and fall. I crave and I eat. Sleeping on long hours.

That was me before I realized that life isn’t just about having fun. I have to make extra extra extra effort to do things for a living. I never imagine life would be just eat-sleep-work. A process where in adjustment should be made, thoughts should be put into place and prepare for an everyday encounter of risk, changes and diversities of events.

Work, duties, responsibilities are given to us adults to mold and make us ready to whatever challenges that might come our way. For that. Challenge accepted!


Crazy little Thoughts


I was sitting here just tired from an 8 hours shift thinking its been 2 months since my last update and it’s seems like for years.

Nothing much to say except of some changes in my environment and the unusual crazy feeling of home sickness. I haven’t cried since the day I left my home town. I haven’t even opened up to anyone how I feel on my first day in a strange place where in I decided to spend the 2 years of my life with people I merely know. Those people who will guide and teach me how to live and survive in a place where culture is distinct from mine.

I always think I could barely adjust and I think twice, Now I belong.