Monthly Archives: July 2017

If you broke up—there is a reason


I think of reasons why relationship needs to end up hurtfully? If things not meant to be fixed, why can't two people just sit down talk and end everything well with encouraging words rather than saying something that would crash both parties. It is deliberately not helpful on means of moving forward.

Think of the best reason why you have to save the relationship. If that reason is worth a second try, grab it. If it's no then it has to STOP.

Lately, I've been buggling when my Ex called and asked me for some quiet talk. I was hesitant at first if I'll answer the call. We've been apart for around 4 years. We drop eachother messages when there is special occasion but aside from that I heard nothing from him. And now he is calling? For what reason? On my confusion after how may missed calls I decided to answer. The awkward feeling was there. I don't know exactly what to utter. It was mixed of emotions. I wanted to cry when he told me things I never imagine I would hear from him. Words I waited from him to say 3 years ago. Plans he created in his mind without even consulting. Plans he made I think only for himself. It's not mutual. Never mutual. God knows I tried my very best not to utter harsh words. He says every detail he wants. I listen. But it seems like I hear nothing. I was in dismay. I bit my lips. I rub my hand. I close my eyes. I hold my heart. Nothing left I felt for him. No special beating.

Then I realize everything needs timing. Things and words needs Timing. And now is not the right time. It's too late. I moved on. I let go. I made new plans. And I'm happy about it. Letting go was a tough decision. battling to a memory I treasure for years was never easy. I waited. I got tired. People come, People go. I've dated once or twice after him. And now I'm with someone I could say I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I see God in different perspective. I pray and there I ended everything with Goodbye.