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TSK by: Kulas


After a long tiring shift me, my co-workers and our hungry stomach are craving for shawarma and something to munch after our shift. We went to a restaurant that could satisfy our cravings. We decided to try TSK that stands for Tilawi Shawarma Ko by :Kulas.

The place was not that cozy like a fancy restaurant, it was more on casual and very humid. The thing that intrigues me the most was the name on their menu. It’s quite naughty although it’s just the abbreviation that it made me laugh before I picked what to order. It’s unique and very catchy, the reason why lots of people are talking about it and many are dropping by for dine in and take-out’s.

  IMG_109927719574013-1   IMG_109908493103065

Their naughty menu goes like:


BLAT mu eh

BLAT mu be

BLAT mu w/ PH

Nice to know: In English BLAT stands for Vagina



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